Are you thinking about getting a Dog ? You must know this important things , because is not easy to bring a new dog
 Buying a Dog ! You Must Know this 10 Things

  • the annual cost of care for a small dog is $400-800.
  • Training a dogs takes a big of time and patience.
  • Get all supplies to the dog (food,bowls,toys,training tools)
  • Make an identification tag for him for never losing or  get A GPS device that attaches to the collarit's a good solution

  • Buy a tool brush because needs his teeth brushed, too!
  • important this is  scheduling an appointment to make sure your pup has the proper vaccinations.
  • Dogs need to stay entertained, so get many toys to keep him busy, especially when he's  alone.
  • During the warm months! , Always check  buddy for fleas and ticks
  • Must trim her nails.
  • His paws may be sensitive initially and could become chafed or cracked, especially when running or hiking.


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