A good relationship is based on many things, such as honesty, trust, and communication, so getting to know your date well may take some time.
 Dating Tips - Getting to Know Your Date

A good relationship is based on many things, such as honesty, trust, andcommunication, so getting to know your date well may take some time. A personwill generally be on their best behavior on a first date, as they will want tocreate a good impression and avoid showing any negative traits. It is thereforeimportant to take your time and find out as much as you can about your date byasking the right questions and observing their body language. The following pointsare designed to help you find out if your date is going to be a permanentfixture in your life or just a bit of fun.

Past relationships

It is not generally advisable to discuss past relationships on a firstdate, but this is a topic that needs to be discussed as soon as possible. It isimportant to find out if your date has previously been married, engaged, or ina long-term relationship with someone. Finding out how your date feels abouttheir past relationships will help you to decide what the future may hold foryou both if you continue to see each other.

Career and future goals

Your date's career and future goals may not affect your time together at all, but it could be that they are unhappy in their present job and have been considering a career move overseas. You, on the other hand, may be perfectly happy in your chosen career and have no intention of moving away. So, it is important to take any career issues on board before you commit to a long-term relationship.


It is fine for you and your date to have different hobbies andinterests, but it depends on how much time they take up. If your date isaddicted to golf, for example, you may find yourself spending a lot of yourfree time away from them unless you are prepared to take up the sport as well.Whatever hobbies you and your date have, it is important to be able to makeenough time for each other.


Body language

You may be unsure of your date's feelings towards you, and this can be atricky subject to broach early in the relationship. So, you need to look outfor a few signs that may help to reveal your date's true intentions.Some of the common ones may include your date copying your body language orfinding excuses to touch you during a conversation. They may also point theirface, chest, and feet towards you when you are talking.


Religion and politics

It is often said that conversations on religion and politics should beavoided. However, if you are going to embark on a relationship, it is importantto know how your date feels about these two subjects. You may discover that youboth have strong and opposing views on certain issues, and this could end upbeing a recipe for disaster. It may also be that you and your date havedifferent religious backgrounds, and this could also cause problems in arelationship. Talking things through can help to establish where you bothstand.


Family and friends

Family and friends may be important to you, but your date may have otherideas. It could be that they have never had a good relationship with theirparents, or they may have been brought up in care. They may also have been letdown badly by a close friend and are now finding it hard to trust people.



Your date's views on having children are important. It could be thatyour date already has children from a previous relationship, or perhaps theyhave never wanted to have a family of their own. This, of course, could bedevastating news for you if you have always been passionate about becoming aparent.


Health issues and intimacy

Admitting to someone that you have a health issue can be a difficulthurdle to get over, but it must be discussed. Certain health issues could havea major impact on a relationship and could even interfere with importantintimate moments. Make sure you both understand the implications of any healthissues before your relationship gets too serious.



Does your date have the same views on money as you do? This may sound alittle silly, but it could cause a lot of arguments if you love to spend moneyand your partner doesn't. One thing that is sure to ruin any relationship is apartner who is always complaining about money and makes you feel as if youcan't spend anything without their approval.


Everyone is afraid of something. It may be that your date has a fear ofheights, or they could have a much worse fear that you could find difficult tolive with. Perhaps you have several fears that you don't like to talk about. Ifyour relationship is going to work, then you will both need to discuss yourfears.


Talking through important life issues with your date will help to bringyou closer together and make your relationship stronger. Always be as truthfulas possible with each other to ensure that each date you go on together leadsnicely on to another.


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