With almost 7.5 billion people in the world, every man has many qualities that distinguish him from others. Some result from evolution, others are the result of a case or disease. However, there are those that concern only a small group of people and anyone they care about can feel special. Can you fold your tongue into a tube or move your ears? Praise your friends! Only few can do it!
Know if your body is special !

All of this is due to the defect of subcutaneous connective tissue that has developed during fetal development. Of course, the dimple on your cheeks is not considered a defect. In, fact, in some circles they are an advantage and a desirable feature in both women and men. So read on find out what these features that make you and your friends unique!

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Winding tongue into the tube

Can you fold your tongue into a trumpet? If so, you belong to about 60% of the population that is able to do so. What it depends on? The human language consists of 8 muscles that are responsible for moving it. Whether we are able to do so does not depend on genetics, as some scientists suggest, and how these muscles are developed. To prove this, several pairs of identical twins are genetically identical. As it turned out, among these couples, there have been cases where one of the siblings had the ability to roll up the tongue in rolls, while others did not. This completely excluded the impact of genetics on this strange phenomenon.



About 27% of the human population has dimples. From a scientific point of view, it is a symptom of facial deformity caused by shortening of facial muscles. All of this is due to the defect of subcutaneous connective tissue that has developed during fetal development. Of course, the dimples are not considered a defect, and in some circles, they are an advantage and a desirable feature of women and men.



Diastema is a feature that creates a gap between teeth, especially between the two upper teeth, but can also occur in other parts of the jaw. It is caused by the difference in size of the teeth and the size of the jaw bone. Several decades ago, the diastema was considered a flaw and numerous attempts were made to correct it. Today, it is a characteristic that is considered to be a sign of attractiveness and originality.

Darwin's lobe

Darwin's lobe is a small bulge in the upper part of the ear. This feature can only boast 10% of the human population. Interestingly, many studies have shown that people with Darwin's nodules are also more sensitive to hearing. Of course, every person is unique and amazing, regardless of whether or not they have one of the above qualities. So embrace your originality!

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Move your ears

Our outer ear consists of skin-clotted cartilage. Only a few people, because only 22% of us can move them. Interestingly, only 18% of these lucky people are able to move their own independently of each other. Why is this happening? This is a remnant of our ancestors, whose ear muscles were more developed. This allowed them to move their Earlobe into the direction of sound origin. This made them more attentive and increased their chances of survival.

The ability to reach the elbow

The ability to reach the elbow

For someone who is able to reach their elbow with their tongue is not that fascinating but it only 34% of the human population can actually do it. You are trying it now, aren't you? It does not depend on whether you are flexible or your genetics. It all depends on the length of your arm. Try it out with your friends to see who can do it more easily! Make it a competition!


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