Virtual Reality Dating
You can meet people anywhere with Virtual reality

The basic premise of "Virtually Dating" is two people go on a blind date wearing VR equipment. They choose from backdrops like outer space, zombie apocalypse or ancient Egypt. They also have the option to ditch human form and turn into aliens, dinosaurs or what appears to be a cardboard box person.

John and Shelby are set up on a blind date that takes place in a virtual reality world set in outer space.    Stephen Andi

Video of virtually app

VR dating doesn't just have to be about finding someone new. For Jason MacNaughton, a 35-year-old VR developer and former telecommunications engineer, it's a place to catch up with his long-distance girlfriend of five years, who goes by T.L. He would travel to places like Saskatoon, in Canada's great plains, leaving behind T.L. over 1,000 miles away in Victoria.

eHarmony says VR dating could become a thing in the next 20 years.

Like other couples, the two send text messages and catch up on video chat. But when they put on their VR headsets, the miles of distance melt away.

"I first heard about vTime during Christmas of last year and found it was a really great way to interact with my girlfriend rather than using FaceTime," MacNaughton said, referring to the video chat feature on Apple's iPhones. "With 360 video and audio you can immerse your entire environment."

In one exchange, MacNaughton put on his headset while traveling, and suddenly, he was sitting next to T.L. on a blanket by the ocean, talking about their day. At one point, an orca and two narwhals surfaced from the water in front of them.

MacNaughton also uses a feature of vTime to "share" 360-degree photos of his travels. He can capture an image of his hotel room, then jump into the app and so he and T.L. can "sit" inside the photograph together.


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