Feeling stressed/anexious? Try cooking up some eggs, or just start swearing. And for a nice, tender treat, soak a steak in coffee before cooking. If these tips all sound a little odd, that’s OK. “Hacks” are surprising (and often strange) uses for everyday items. With a little bit of science and a whole lot of ingenuity, these 19 hacks will transform kitchens into tool sheds, improve workouts, and even help turn frowns upside-down.
 Your Best Health with 19 Unexpected Hacks

Yes,The Gym !


Curse to Reduce Pain

Ohhhh sh!t. Turns out swearing aloud could help turn down the pain-o-meter.


Visualize Exercise to Rock a Workout

Research suggests just imagining achieving an exercise goal—like powering through a workout or performing that last rep—can help set the stage for success.


Drink Cherry Juice to Speed Recovery

Looking to recharge after a tough workout? A bowl of cherries isn't the only option. We put together a list of proven ways to speed recovery and get the body rested and ready for more.

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